Critical Maintenance - Broadband (MOD BNG) from 2022-09-23 22:00 NZST to 2022-09-23 23:00 NZST

Scheduled maintenance Broadband Nationwide DSL (Chorus) North Island Northland UFB (Chorus) Auckland UFB (Chorus) Wellington UFB (Chorus) South Island Nelson UFB (Chorus) North Canterbury UFB (Chorus) South Canterbury UFB (Chorus) Otago UFB (Chorus) Southland UFB (Chorus) Data Centres Mount Eden (MOD)
2022-09-23 22:00 NZST · 1 hour



Our Network Vendor will be conducting a Critical Software Update on our Mount Eden BNG (Broadband Network Gateway).

Broadband Customers connected via this device will experience an outage of up to 10 minutes, dependent on the configuration of their Router or CPE they may failover to a BNG at a different Data Centre during this time.

Customers that failover but are using IPv6 may notice a lack of IPv6 connectivity until this upgrade is complete.

September 23, 2022 · 13:32 NZST

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